Teachers 50


Teacher’s 50 is a perfect blend of 50% malt Scotch and 50% grain Scotch whiskies providing a rich flavor with a perfect balance of bold smokiness and a refined smoothness.

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Teacher’s 50 is a perfect blend of single malt Scotch and grain Scotch whiskies. Uniquely smoky and perfectly blended using 50% malt for a richer flavor. Taking inspiration from our founder William Teacher, who believed in keeping things in perfect harmony, Teacher’s 50 Scottish Reserve is about harmony. A perfect blend of 50% Scotch malt and 50% Scotch grain whiskies gives it a beautiful balance of bold smokiness & refined smoothness, making it truly a product of Scotland.

• Color – Dark rich amber
• Aroma – Deep and robust maltiness with hints of pear and sherry maturity.
• Flavor – Challenging, exciting, round and warming with a silky texture. Tastes of full rich malts and maturity, with a full depth and substance.
• Finish – Long, spicy with suggestion of smoke.


60 ML, 180 ML, 375 ML, 750 ML, 1 L


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